Magpies Plum Blossoms Mask (Pre-Order)
Magpies Plum Blossoms Mask (Pre-Order)

Magpies Plum Blossoms Mask (Pre-Order)


Note: This is a Pre-Order Item, and will only be shipped out on 11 Aug. 2020. 

This exclusive Tong Tong print is back! If you have the dress or shirt with this fabric, now you can get the mask to match. The magpies (喜鹊) and plum blossoms (梅) are symbolic of the Chinese idiom 喜上眉梢 which means "to be radiant with joy."


  • Cotton. Tightly woven. Sturdy.
  • Best to hand-wash.
  • Or, machine-wash in a protective laundry bag.

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  • 3-D Contoured style — 2-ply, with a pocket to insert a filter for added protection
  • Sampan style — 3-ply, with a middle non-woven layer built-in for added protection
  • Nose bridge metal strip can be removed when washing

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