[NOTE: Our shop will be closed earlier at 7:00pm on Fri. 9 Nov. in preparation for this launch. Thanks!]

Back to Basics II

As you get ready to go out, are there clothes which you keep going back to because they look good on you and are comfortable and versatile as well? That’s the motivation behind our 'Basics' collection.

We start with understated fabrics with interesting details like the wrinkles of seersucker cotton or neat pin-tucks. Most are in basic solid colours like black, navy and white. Then we tailor them in various classic and easy-to-wear shapes that are easy to mix and match.

Come experience these dresses, blouses and bottoms that are appropriate for both work and play, and make them a part of your wardrobe staples.

This 'Basics' collection will be available from this Saturday, 10 Nov 2018.



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