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  1. Do you offer custom tailoring?

    No, we don't offer custom tailoring. We focus on ready-to-wear designs in standard sizes, so everything is off-the-rack. 

  2. What sizes are available?

    For dresses and tops, we carry 3 sizes (US 2, 4, 6) for almost all styles and up to US 8 and 10 for selected designs.

  3. Do you do alterations?

    No, we don’t. However, there are a few seamstresses who are experienced in altering our clothes that we would be happy to recommend to you.

  4. Are all the clothes featured on the website available in the store?

    We only produce small exclusive quantities of each design, so new styles run out pretty fast. So, do call beforehand to check if the designs you are interested in are still available.

    For people who have not been to our store: the clothes featured on this site are meant to just give you a flavor of what our designs are like. We still believe in a brick-and-mortar shopping experience, especially for apparels which we want you to touch, feel, and try on. So, we hope to entice and encourage you to come down to our physical store to experience and try on our designs for the right fit!

  5. What is your price range?

    Tops are upwards of S$100, while dresses are usually S$300 to S$600, depending on the fabric and style.