Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do you offer custom tailoring?

    No, we don't offer custom tailoring. We focus on ready-to-wear designs in standard sizes, so everything is off-the-rack. 

  2. What sizes are available?

    For dresses and tops, we typically carry 5 sizes (US 2, 4, 6, 8, 10). If you’d like something in a larger size, please enquire (shop@tongtong.sg).

  3. Do you do alterations?

    No, we don’t. However, there are a few seamstresses who are experienced in altering our clothes that we would be happy to recommend to you.

  4. Are all the clothes featured on the website available in the store?

    The products featured on this site are meant to just give you a flavour of what our designs are like, and represent only a portion of our products.

    We still believe in a brick-and-mortar shopping experience, especially for apparel which we want you to touch, feel, and try on. So, we hope to entice and encourage you to come down to our physical store to experience and try on our designs for the right fit!

    We only produce small exclusive quantities of each design, so new styles run out pretty fast.

  5. What is your price range?

    Tops are upwards of S$100, while dresses are usually S$300 to S$600, depending on the fabric and style.


Tong Tong VIP Program

1. How Do I Join?

  • Create a user account with any online order or when you pay at our physical shop, and we'll help you track your Points.
  • You'll automatically become a VIP once you achieve the qualifying criteria (see #3)

2. What’s The Benefit For Me?

  • VIP members enjoy 10% off all apparel (tops, dresses, pants, jackets).
  • Note: this discount is not applicable to accessories (brooches, bags, etc), homeware, and other products.

3. How Do I Become A VIP?

  • Earn 1 Tong Tong Friendship Point for every $1 spent on any product. Points are accrued and used to track your progress towards achieving or renewing VIP status.
  • Accumulate >900 Points in one receipt, or >2,000 Points within 1 year to become a VIP and enjoy the discount benefit immediately.
  • VIP status is valid for 1 year until the end of the month — for e.g. if you became a VIP any time within Sep. 2021, your VIP status will be valid until Sep. 30, 2022.

4. How Do I Maintain/Renew My VIP Status Every Year?

  • Accumulate >900 Points in one receipt, or >2,000 Points within 1 year to renew/extend your VIP status for another year.
  • Using the above example, if you meet the renewal criteria by 15 Feb. 2022, your VIP status will be extended until 28 Feb. 2023.
  • Upon renewal, your Points will be reset to zero, and Points accrual towards the next renewal will start again.

5. What If I Don't Meet The Renewal Criteria?

  • If you don't meet the criteria in #4 before your VIP status expiration date, then you will lose your VIP status and your Points will be reset to zero.
  • VIP status expiration takes effect on the 1st day of every month.
  • For e.g. if you became a VIP in Sep. 2021 but don't meet the renewal criteria by 30 Sep. 2022, you will lose your VIP status on 1 Oct. 2022.

6. What If I Was Already A VIP When Tong Tong Was Still At Shaw Tower?

  • Your previous VIP membership is still valid as long as you were a VIP member on 1 Apr. 2020 (i.e. before COVID Circuit Breaker).
  • Can't remember? Just check in-store with our staff or email shop@tongtong.sg if you're unsure.
  • Important: To renew as a VIP, just spend $600 (i.e. earn 600 Points) before 31 Dec. 2021. Then your VIP status will be renewed for another year until 31 Dec. 2022. To maintain your VIP status beyond that, the criteria in #4 will apply.