During our break after Chinese New Year, we went to the Indian desert state of Rajasthan. I recall our travel agent’s advice: “We recommend going there only from October to January, and February at the latest.” Walking around Rajasthan in midday, in early March, I learned the hard way... It’s unbearably hot and dry, that’s why! All tourist activities end slightly after breakfast, and only commence again near sunset. At any other time, it's too hot.

So, having much idle time in the afternoons fully immersed in the dry desert heat, I people watched. After a while, it dawned on me that I’m the only frazzled soul bothered by the weather... the locals were nonchalantly going about their business under the sun and taking it very well!

That's when I noticed their ingenious hot weather dress code:

  • Lots of whites... 
  • arms and legs covered up and protected by cool, light-weight cotton... 
  • long blouses or dresses that are roomy and comfortable yet flattering 

No wonder they can go sauntering around effortlessly! Singapore can learn a lot from the Indian wisdom of living in harmony with hot weather. Dressed appropriately, we too can remain cool as a cucumber in any hot situation.

Armed with what we experienced, we started designing our new Indian-inspired collection. We have a new ah gong (grandpa) top, inspired by the cool cotton traditional undershirt worn by Indian men... designs using exquisite Indian handloom fabrics and Rajasthani block prints... and pieces inspired by other traditional Indian garments and tailoring.

Come experience this collection from Thu. 31 May, 2018.



Our ah gong (grandpa) top... to match our customer-favorite ah ma (grandma) top!
Our ah ma (grandma) blouse done using the latest turban fabric.
Cool whites, with Mughal block prints. 
 Cheongsam dress with Ajrak block prints.