We’ve decided to start our CNY 2021 lineup with a strong focus on whimsical prints!

It’s easy to see the appeal of these prints, reminiscent of the fantastical world of children's illustrated books... and fun and imaginative characters that comforted and brought joy to our carefree childhood days.

Think you've outgrown them?

During such stressful and uncertain times, isn’t it nice that we can simply put on a little bit of lightness and fun? You’re never too old to allow your imagination to help you escape from life’s doldrums :-)

  • Launching on Wed. 13 Jan. 2021 at 8 pm (Singapore time)
  • Pre-order this collection by Sun. 17 Jan. 2021 and it will be delivered by 3 Feb. 2021.

Good news for our existing VIP members who have been with us since our brick & mortar days — we're happy to resume our 10% VIP discount off all apparel! Your VIP membership is still valid as long as:

  • You were a VIP member as at 1 Apr. 2020
  • You spent >$800 in one receipt or spent >$1,600 between 1 Apr. 2019 and 31 Mar. 2020.


  • Accessories like masks & pouches not included.
  • For now, the discount will be manually applied AFTER you place your order.

We will be launching our new VIP program soon, which will also reward your online purchases and reward our new customers too. Stay tuned for more news on this!