Tong Tong is doing away with that most recognizable feature of Chinese clothes: the mandarin collar! We hark back to traditional Chinese tailoring techniques* that are fundamentally different from modern western styles, while adding modern touches to keep our clothes fun and relevant.

Year-of-the-dog brooches and our last installment of dog prints are also here, along with super cheerful dresses and blouses that really set the tone for Chinese New Year!

This 3rd CNY 2018 collection will be available from Sat. 27 Jan. (NOTE: Our shop will be closed earlier at 6:45pm on Fri. 26 Jan. in preparation for this launch).

Due to higher demand leading up to CNY, you may experience long queues to get into the shop, the fitting rooms, or at the cashier. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding and patience. We are grateful for your support!

[*Chinese tailoring was two-dimensional, and darts were not used as clothes were not meant to conform to the body. Old Chinese clothes also had no shoulder seams, so a continuous piece of fabric was used for the front and back of the garment. Because of this, they can even be hung on a bamboo pole or clothes line (like our cute illustration)!]

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