Much thought used to be given to the greetings exchanged along with mandarin oranges and ang pows on the first day of Chinese New Year. Well wishes were also written on the red packets and some of them were so meaningful that the empty red pockets were kept and treasured long after their content had been spent.

Because ang pows and oranges carry so much meaning during CNY, we want to rekindle the significance placed upon this exchange of well wishes. Instead of one-off red packets and throw-away paper bags, Tong Tong would like to present reusable fabric pouches and mini bags with beautifully embroidered auspicious symbols and greetings to hold your gifts of cash and oranges. May the warm blessings conveyed by these cheerful orange bags and ang pow pouches stay with you and your loved ones all year long.

If you've been waiting for our Chinese-inspired brooches, our new designs are ready too!

All this will be launching on Sat. 17th Dec. 6pm at our physical shop and online store. Besides CNY, these come just in time as Christmas gifts too.