[NOTE: Our shop will be closed earlier at 7:00pm on Monday 16 September in preparation for this launch. Thanks!]

日常。美好。Ordinary life. The good life.
日。常美好。Every day. Always beautiful.


In a buzzing world filled with distractions, it’s a constant struggle to distill all this mess into things essential and beautiful.

In putting together this collection of everyday wear, we’ve focused just on whites and some shades of black and blue. Their shapes are all easy to put on and pull off.

We’ve also sourced for sensuous natural fabrics that we’ve used before and love: cotton that has been treated gently in the spinning, weaving and dyeing process. We know you’ll appreciate their drape and breathability once you’ve experienced them.

We hope they are what you intuitively reach out for in your wardrobe, every day. Let’s celebrate the ordinary life, the good life.

Collection available from 17 September 2019.



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