As a kid, I just didn’t buy in to mythology, be it Chinese or Greek. When told of man-eating monsters, I would roll my eyes 🙄 Now, when searching for why we do things a certain way during Chinese New Year, I realize mythology provides quick answers.
Legend has it that the ferocious man-eating Nian 👹 would appear on the eve of CNY and destroy everything in its path unless beaten back by the color red, loud noises, and bright lights. Hence the habit of pasting red couplets on doors, wearing red clothes and lighting of firecrackers. Now that firecrackers have been banned for years, that leaves us with only the color red to ward off the big bad beast. Whether it's Nian, inflation worries, or health fears, let’s boldly wear red this festive season... It may be just what you need to fearlessly take on the world in 2023! 
— Sheau Yun and the Team at Tong Tong
To better manage logistics, this is our CNY 2023 collection launch plan:
  • PREVIEW of the collection will be available on our website on 1 Jan. For more photos, please follow our Instagram.
  • Available for sale ONLINE ONLY on 2 Jan. (starting 12pm) and 3 Jan. Our physical store will be closed on these 2 days.
  • Available for sale IN-STORE ONLY from 4 Jan. onwards.
  • We have set aside separate stock to cater for both online and in-store launches.
p.s. We are still GST-free, and we accept CDC Vouchers!