Designing a collection for Singapore's National Day always makes us reflect more on who we are and how we can express that through the clothes we wear.

The patriotic thing to do is to get decked out in red and white, even if it lasts only as long as the fireworks on Aug. 9. When in doubt, batik is always a safe bet. And our traditional heritage clothes — cheongsams, sarong kebayas, saris — prove to be an endless source of inspiration. But too much can also be overkill, clichéd, and kitsch.

The challenge lies not in what to include, but what to leave out (sorry, no Merlions!). We want something fresh that not only reflects our roots, but also keeps up with the times, progress, and the new millennium.

We are happy to share what we've come up with (so far) this Wednesday, Aug. 3, 2016. Just in time for the fireworks!