HO CAI TAO (好彩头)!

Most of the traditional food we eat and things we do during Chinese New Year are imbued with symbolism. In Hokkien and Teochew dialects, radish is called 菜头 which sounds like and symbolises a good and auspicious start to the new year: 好彩头.

Beyond radishes, our last CNY '23 collection is steeped in symbolism and rich with meaning. This tiny but hardy collection emerged out of harsh COVID-19 conditions in Japan (where most of the fabrics are made) and China (where the clothes are hand-sewn by our tailors) — a mark of great resilience and heroic effort. Be imbued with these wonderful qualities when you wear these pieces in the new year!

Launch Schedule
  • Online preview: Thursday 12 Jan. 8-9pm
  • Online sale: Thursday 12 Jan. 9pm
  • Our physical store will be closed on Friday 13 Jan. from 12-5pm
  • Physical store: Friday 13 Jan. 5pm

Strictly no return or exchange. If in doubt, please buy in-store. Thanks for your understanding.
p.s. We are still GST-free, and we accept CDC Vouchers!