We've crossed into 2018 and the heady rush to get ready for Chinese New Year!

For our first CNY collection, Tong Tong goes west for inspiration from chinoiserie: a popular 18th century European style that interpreted and imitated Chinese and East Asian artistic traditions. We take whimsical chinoiserie prints and re-appropriate them into jackets and tops with western details, while appropriating western pastoral prints into Chinese tops and dresses.

In this Tong Tong landscape, Chinese pagodas, arched bridges and cherry blossoms mingle harmoniously with British cabbage roses, birds and rabbits. Come and be drawn into our enchanting world of west looking east meets east looking west looking east... vaguely familiar yet curiously quaint!

We've also not forgotten that this is the year of the dog, so our first batch of tops and dresses in doggie prints are here to wow you too!

This first CNY 2018 collection will be launched on Saturday, 6 Jan. 2018.