Journey to the West II

In the 16th century, European merchant ships braved the treacherous seas in search of luxury goods from china. Developed in China almost a thousand years before Europe could produce it, porcelain — elegantly fine, white, and magically translucent, often with a brilliant blue glaze — was one of the exotic products they coveted. Porcelain was the perfect vessel for the other prize that the Europeans brought back: tea. This trade and the design of porcelain played a major role in fueling the chinoiserie movement which was the theme of our last launch.

We've let our imagination run wild, translating these marine expeditions and exquisite porcelain motifs into tasteful blue & white dresses and blouses. For friends who prefer more traditional reds for the Lunar New Year, or something for the year of the dog, we've got you covered too.

Tong Tong has made the quest for delectable Chinese goods easy for everyone — just saunter down to our shop this Wednesday, 17 Jan. 2018. No seasickness involved ;-)