Tong Tong's final 2017 CNY collection launches on Jan. 21!

This is our last crow for Chinese New Year 2017!

We've got stylish tops and dresses featuring this art deco-esque rooster on traditional blue indigo-dyed cotton (any red brooches or accessories you wear against this is sure to stand out!). For something a bit more feminine, we've got a few floral prints that are still bright and cheerful enough for CNY.

Our final set of acrylic brooches are here too (even the boys can appreciate them). We have little clouds, and a new panda — is he grumpy, or just cool? You decide! And for our final trump card (or tile)... something that young and old will enjoy seeing: Huat Ah!

Check out our Instagram for a preview

Available in our store on Saturday, Jan. 21 from 12 noon

Due to the busier-than-usual response leading up to Chinese New Year, we seek your understanding if we cannot serve you as quickly as we would like to. We will do our best, so please be patient with us. Thanks!