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Tong Tong Masked

It all started when I saw an appeal in the USA for volunteers to sew masks for frontline medical workers. The shortage of masks during the early onset of COVID-19 was really drastic, and I was moved to pitch in and help. And so my research project (and adventure!) into mask design and sewing began.

I watched countless mask-making videos from around the world. I stared at the variety of masks that Singaporeans wore. I bought and tried as many different masks as I could find in the market. I went through many design iterations, and made numerous samples. I experimented with many types of fabrics. I quickly learned that the ubiquitous face mask looks deceptively simple, but it is actually very difficult to get the right balance between form and function.

As I searched for the holy grail of that perfect mask, I came to the conclusion that the mask I would want to wear needs to meet these key criteria:

  • It has to fit me well.  The mask should form a seal (no gaping holes) around my face, to keep out viruses and bacteria.
  • I need to be able to breathe easily, so the weave of the fabric/material is important.
  • The material should be comfortable, and shouldn’t irritate my skin after prolonged use.
  • The material shouldn’t be heavy or cause strain.
  • The straps must be soft, comfortable, and easily adjustable
  • The colour and print of the fabric must look good, especially now that the mask has become an indispensable part of every outfit.
  • It must be washable and reusable (save the Earth and save the disposable medical-grade masks for the right occasions).
  • Last, but not least, the price should warm my heart and not burn a hole in my pocket... even if I buy 7 masks: 1 for each day of the week.
With the mask becoming a new necessity, you shouldn't compromise. The experience of wearing a well-designed and constructed mask is like that "now I know how it's meant to fit" feeling you got the first time you were properly fitted for a bra by an expert sales aunty. 
Everyone is unique, and what works for me might not work for you. So, we have created 2 different shapes in 4 sizes; hopefully one of them works for you. You can check out our size chart here.
We have chosen to work with fabrics that are breathable, light and comfortable against the skin. Therefore, we decided not to add any waterproof layer in between our breathable fabrics as it defeats our intention to keep the masks light and airy. However, we've built in a pocket where protective filters can be inserted. The metal nose bridge strip is also removable if you decide to take it out while washing your mask. And remember to adjust the length of the soft elastic ear loops for your comfort.
We suggest hand washing them. If you must machine wash, please put them in a protective laundry bag. As the masks are all 100% cotton, they will wrinkle after washing. Iron them if you prefer a crisp look. If not, leave them as is for a relaxed look.
Give our masks a try, and please give us feedback on what works and what doesn’t, so that we’ll get closer to creating that perfect mask for you. Thanks!
Sheau Yun
Founder-Designer of Tong Tong
Check out our collection of Tong Tong masks here!
3-D contoured mask
3-D Contoured style. (Model is wearing a size S)
Kids Masks
Kid size and designs.
Pleated mask
Pleated style. All designs are unisex too.  (Model is wearing a size M)
Soft adjustable ear loops
Soft adjustable ear loops for all-day comfort.
Nose bridge metal strip can be removed when washing
Nose bridge metal strip can be removed when washing.
2-ply, with a pocket to insert a filter for added protection
2-ply, with a pocket to insert a filter for added protection.
Disclaimer: These masks are not a replacement for medical grade personal protective equipment such as surgical or N95 masks. There is no guarantee that they will prevent infection or the transmission of viruses or diseases and the decision to use these masks is solely your own. For specific questions and concerns, please consult a doctor, healthcare provider, or visit for more information.