To prepare for the most important Chinese festival, we've gone all-out to express "Chinese-ness" this year! We mined deep into the vast depository of Chinese imagery for diverse gems — from the Song dynasty emperor Huizong's (宋徽宗) famous Auspicious Cranes painting (瑞鹤图), to traditional Taiwanese flower folk cloth, to design elements from the mega-hit Qing dynasty period drama Story of Yanxi Palace (延禧攻略). You'll also find the most classic fitted silhouette associated with cheongsams, updated with modern fabrics. And how can we forget the zodiac animal of 2019? The prosperous pig will also appear in designs for both adults and kids.

So fans of Chinese paintings, period dramas, and all things Chinese, come relive the splendor of the bygone golden eras and bask in these historically-informed yet thoroughly contemporary designs!

Our first collection for this new year will be available on 5 Jan 2019.

[NOTE: Our shop will be closed earlier at 6:00pm on Fri. 4 Jan. in preparation for this launch. Thanks!]