As our mask-wearing days grow longer, we become more sensitive to what's comfortable and fitting for each of us. To give you more options, we are pleased to announce Tong Tong's new Sampan Mask (remember those origami boats we used to fold as kids?). It is constructed with more breathing space for the nose and mouth area without sacrificing the seal around the face. It is the most structured of our 3 mask styles, but still has a soft silhouette. Could this be THE mask for you?

Where do you keep your mask when you take it off to eat? Instead of resorting to single-use plastic bags, we propose our quirky reusable mask pouch — it serves as a temporary resting place for your used mask as well as storage for clean/backup masks.
This collection will be available on our web store on Saturday July 25th at 8pm. To try and better match demand and supply, we are trying out a pre-order system. Please see shipping/delivery details on our web store tomorrow.
P.S. Our Buy-6-Get-1-Free promo is also still on (just put all 7 in your cart and we'll take care of the discount during checkout).
Stay safe, and take care!