The seed of a need for mask pouches was planted by the nudging of a long-time customer. I've felt the need myself when eating at a hawker centre, with one hand juggling my removed mask and bag on my lap, trying to keep the mask clean, while the other hand is trying to manoeuvre a pair of chopsticks. It was a very stressful meal… Lately, some restaurants have also started giving out plastic bags for diners to store their masks during the meal. While I appreciate their good intention, I also want to avoid single-use plastics if I can. And so, the Tong Tong Reusable Mask Pouch was born!

Here are the specs of our simple mask pouch:

  • One enclosed compartment for new/backup masks. For teachers and frontline professionals, and for comfort's sake, you may need a change of masks in the middle of a long day. Or if you see someone with a mask that's obviously worn out (or they misplaced theirs), you might like to offer them a fresh mask. 
  • One compartment for used mask, made of mesh material so that it’s ventilated. We don’t think it’s a good idea to keep used masks cooped up and festering with bacteria.
  • One loop strap for you to hang it on your bag, or perhaps your jeans belt loop.



Our large pouch (12cm x 21cm) can accommodate disposable surgical masks in its enclosed compartment. It's long shape fits our pleated and sampan masks comfortably. Of course, our 3D contoured mask fits as well, once it is folded.  

Our small pouch (14cm x 17cm) is made to fit our 3D contoured masks folded in half, and designed to take up less space. When folded in half, disposable surgical mask and our pleated and sampan masks fit as well.



Sheau Yun
Founder-Designer of Tong Tong