We've designed three new acrylic brooches to cheer you on and to remind you that you are good enough (fighting!).

The Red Scarf (红领巾) 

It used to be a badge of honor given only to exemplary students enlisted into the Young Pioneers (少先队). Now, the red scarf has become part of China's primary school student uniform. It turns out that Tong Tong’s master pattern-maker, Xue, was the first student in his class to receive the red scarf, and he still remembers how to sing the Young Pioneers team song! Today, his son is in Primary 2 and Xue junior still sings the same team song as dad.  

Wear this proudly, and resolutely remind yourself that you are always good enough!

Pom Pom Gal

加油!Hwai-ting! Ganbatte! Do your best! Tong Tong boleh! 

Whatever the language, who doesn’t need a word of encouragement from time to time? 

Pom Pom Gal is cheering you on!