"London Bridge is falling down, falling down..."
You've heard of London Bridge and Cinderella's castle,
but have you heard of hu tong and si he yuan?
You know the magic spells of Harry Potter,
but do you know the 72 transformations of Sun Wu Kong?

Through this reading club for kids, we hope more children can "be friends with Chinese culture" (and learn some of life's lessons, in general) through the joys of reading and journeying through the wonderful world of Chinese picture books. We hope to dispel any misgivings that young Singaporeans may have about the Chinese language. Chinese doesn't have to be just a school subject to be feared and dreaded (dare we say, it can even be fun!).

Besides the world of books, we also engage kids in fun the real world: from making mooncakes, to outdoor picnics!


  • Our reading club activities are targeted at children who are in primary 1 to 6.
  • Sessions are conducted in Mandarin, with some English to help guide children along. 
  • Frequency/Schedule: Varies. Sign up for our mailing list or like our FaceBook page to get notified of activities.

A community project brought to you by Tong Tong Friendship Store.