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JAN 20, 2021

Charming Chinese Folk Prints

In our 2nd CNY collection, we have 5 very evocative Chinese folk prints that speak directly to our heart. The panda, the most famous of Chinese icons, is joined by birds, plants and words that all carry auspicious and joyful meanings. They are hand-printed on hand-loomed cotton fabrics from decades ago (but brand new) collected from villages around Shanghai. Be charmed by these old rustic favorites from a bygone era when things were slowly hand-crafted. Launching at our Online Store on Thu. 21 Jan. 2021 at 8 pm (Singapore time) Pre-orders for this collection will be shipped out by 8 Feb. 2021 Good news for our existing VIP members who have been with us since our brick & mortar days...

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JUL 16, 2018

Living Heritage

At Tong Tong, we want heritage to be alive and relevant, so we prefer to turn them into something we can wear everyday... and continue to bask in amah's warmth. Come take a look at what we have done with beautiful batiks from our region and beyond, and pick out something that speaks to the Southeast Asian soul in you. Our living heritage collection will be available from 17 July 2018.

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