Tong Tong Masks — Fifth Collection: Everyday Basics!

As you get ready to leave the house each day, do you struggle to find a mask that goes with your outfit? Prints are cute if they don't clash with those on your clothes, but what goes well with striped T-shirts? Having agonised over such decisions, we’re dedicating this collection to neutral, everyday masks that should go well with a range of outfits.

Aesthetics aside, we’ve also been learning from your feedback, tweaking our designs, and experimenting with different materials to make our masks safer and more comfortable. You'll see a few polyester fabrics and a new Swiss anti-viral fabric used in some of our new masks. We’ve also come up with version 2.0 of our pleated mask so that it’s more breathable and comfortable.

Read all about Tong Tong masks here.

We’re excited to share these enhancements with you and would be grateful if you continue to give us your feedback!

This collection will be available on our web store on Sunday September 20th, at 3pm. To better match demand and supply, we'll continue with our pre-order system. Please see shipping/delivery details on our web store at the launch.


Neutral colours that easily go with everything. Gives you perpetual rosy cheeks!


When you already have an all black outfit, a grey mask complements the look without looking too harsh.


Make your jawline look slimmer with the shading effect of these vertical lines.


Denim goes with everything. This shade works with most skin tones.


This “graph paper” grid print is a subtle yet refreshing graphic. Can be easily paired with any office-wear, basics and soft colours for a neutral style.


The cute fish is a nice detail, but this is still basic enough to go with most clothes.


The more basic the outfit, the bolder your accessories can be. Sometimes, the best option is a dash of colour to brighten up your outfit and day!


The more basic the outfit, the bolder your accessories can be. Inject some fun into any of your neutral/basic-toned outfit with these cute rabbit and fish print masks!


Want something fun yet not too loud? This print — reminiscent of terrazzo tiles popular in the 1970’s — is subtle yet adds just the right amount of playfulness to your basic t-shirt and jeans ensemble.


When black is too stark and bright colours are too fanciful for you, this mask in shades of blue is the way to go. Match it with the same colour family or let it stand out against basic coloured (black, white, navy) outfits.