Years ago, I was introduced to Laos by a dear friend who was so smitten with its quiet charms that he incorporated the word “Beer Lao” into his email address.

By the time I finally made it to Laos earlier this year, many things had changed. The once idyllic places he described are now swamped with tourists, but luckily for me, the indigenous textile tradition remains intact.

It’s fascinating that there are over 160 ethnic groups in this country and that they all have such vibrant and diverse traditional clothes.

Bringing back some handwoven Lao fabrics, I felt a great sense of responsibility to reinterpret them for our modern uses while respecting their roots. Will I do justice to the artisanal ikats and batiks of these craft people?

I’m relieved by how this tight collection of dresses and separates turned out. Do come experience my enchanting Laos trip vicariously through the quaint but familiar silhouettes of our Southeast Asian neighbor.

Our Lao collection will be available from this Thursday, 18 April 2019.

[NOTE: Our shop will be closed earlier at 7:00pm on Wed. 17 Apr. in preparation for this launch. Thanks!]


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